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トリーバーチ サンダルIf you look at a house or an apartment growing steadily, are generally only three criteria: location, location and location. But one wonders whether there is a similar phenomenon, in handbags. Spontaneously and from the gut I would say the style, the style and the style. On closer inspection, however, no further design helpsa lot if it is wrapped in cheap materials (see fake fur or leather). After all, it is not just about visual impression: Rather handbag enjoy a matter of synesthesia, that is the combination of all senses.
レザードソーラ サンダル
Designers since the craziest ideas, but generally they remain in leather, synthetic leather or fabric. Unlike the designers - or carpenter? - by Nussbag. Here is a "timber manufacture " made on to pastures new. And it came out something truly original, the comparison with lamb leather, soft calf leather, python and Co. need not fear: handbags made of wood!

トリーバーチ サンダル

Shown here is the "Classic"with sides in brushed aluminum. My personal favorite will cost 243, - EUR and is available in either walnut, satin walnut, or nuclear ash. Needless to say, a handbag is unique, because the grain of the wood is now time for customization.

Not only what nature boys - er, girls, - but quite suitable for city, I think. And a real alternative to the old ways (of leather). But there is also the connection of the two materials at Nussbag's - and even that looks really pretty. I watch it you to!





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